FRAKMUNDT [Fräkmündt]

CD Digipack (Percht 19) - PERCHT / STEINKLANG

Heiwehland (Land of Nostalgia), sixteen unique, expressive and headstrong songs grant the listener a passionate glimpse of the alpine areas of Inner-Switzerland.
On “Heiwehland”, accordeon, guitars, hurdy-gurdy, bass, flutes, and the percussion contributed by Merlin (ELUVEITIE) blend together to form the unique and unconventional Swiss Ur-Folk.
A primordial male voice and spoken passages contrast with the powerful voice of Anneli. Furthermore Chrigel Glanzmann (ELUVEITIE) and the renowned opera singer Christiane Boesiger contribute their guest vocals on two of the songs.
New guitarist Guschti enriches the album with his string virtuosity.
The varied songs in Swiss Alemannic dialect take you to a more than one hour long journey into the heart of the alps.
They speak of historic events, tragic tales, frightening creatures, strange events, mysterious beings and the melancholic longing for a beautiful homeland that is disappearing in its original form but also about its outlasting beauty.
As on the previous album “Urbärglieder”, traditional songs are reinterpreted and of course the comical and humorous elements have their place.

This extensive digipak contains a twenty-page booklet full of breathtaking alpine photography and includes all the lyrics in Swiss Alemannic dialect as well as their description in english.

Tracklist :
1 Bärgfrede 1:43
2 Chomm Domini, S'Esch Zyt! 4:39
3 Hüfifirn 4:23
4 Die Arme Seele Em Ys 2:07
5 Ha An Em Ort Es Blüemli Gseh 3:17
6 Dehei 3:38
7 D'Chueh Metem Holderechnoche 3:03
8 Suworow 3:43
9 Härz Mys Härz 3:03
10 D'Draachejongfer 5:26
11 Bockitobel 3:31
12 S'Toggeli 6:00
13 Tanzlaubehond 4:12
14 Aues Esch Anderscht 5:12
15 Heiwehland 3:07
16 Senged, Suufed, Tanzed Wöud! 3:28

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