From Fix to Fix


CD Digipack (OCCD12) - OLD CAPTAIN

Limited Edition 200 copies

Release of the remastered Alfarmania’s debut highlight “From Fix to Fix” into CD.
Originally produced by Proiekt Hat’s Hatband label as a limited and now very rare cassette, Kristian Olsson’s initiation delivers a fix of high-caliber post industrial art into modern knock-kneed digital limbo.
Keep reality left behind and enter the narcosis before an overdose advent. 

1 From Fix To Fix     3:43
2 Zepam Zonk     4:26
3 The Pale Horse Riders     12:56
4 Lossa Stasen     10:37
5 Immune To Boredom     3:00
6 Down & Dirty     3:08
7 Sanatorium Alfarmania     25:35

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