3" Mni CD Sleevecard (ST MCD 020) - STAALPLAAT

Gen Ken is New York soud artist creeting soudworks for film, video, theater, public spaces, elevators …

Icebreaker was originally recorded at Studio P.A.S.S. New York City in December 1991 with an Artist-in-Residency grant from Harvestworks, Inc.
Icebreaker was presented as an octophonic sound installation in total darkness at Generator Sound Art Gallery, New York City from March 20 to April 5, 1992.
An excerpt from Icebreaker was released on Mini-Mall, Tellus CD #27, and later on the Tellus Tools LP. Icebreaker was was also hear at Art in General as part of the Music in the Box series of audio art in the elevator. Icebreaker was remastered and remixed in New York City in 2000.
Icebreaker is dedicated to Conrad Schnitzler.
The version presented here is an edit from the four hours and thirty minutes performance.

1 Icebreaker (20:02)

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