Get Me a Ladder... Get Me a Ladder!


CD Digipak (DEWcd001) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 300 copies

Whether re-inventing the showtune or expanding the subtleties of a single note, David E. Williams remains one of the catchiest visionaries of classic international songcraft.
His NINTH solo album nestles fingersnapping earworms into varied pigeonholes of postpunk, darkwave, orchestrated melodrama and even anomalous heavy industrial electronics (in curious reunions with Deathpiles's Jonathan Canady).
Existential terror and body horror unfashionably dominate the lyrics, whether the characters are dying in plane crashes, changing lightbulbs (the title track) or finding human body parts in their birdbaths.
His incomparable rhymes dominate ("he had a pickle for a nose / and wore lettuce for clothes") but many of the lyrics are in the free verse style of beatniks, zen koens or psalms of the Old Testament.
While remaining eminently singable!

Guest vocals from the incomparable Lloyd James (Naevus, Crisis), Andrew King and Jane Elizabeth.
Radioactive disco guitar stylings from Erin Martz.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Digipack design by Thomas Nola.
Digipack includes original art by Gustavo Roberto Mateo, Alison Lee Chapman and a collage by Mr. Williams himself.
David E. Williams self-released album.

1. The Well-Tempered Actuary
2. Get Me a Ladder
3. Plane Crash People
4. Body Parts in Birdbaths - with Lloyd James
5. Gangrenous Nebula
6. The Man Who Invented Ketchup 0
7. Girl, Go Forth!
8. A Seed is Scurrilous
9. Hats Off to William Frawley 02:51
10. we the ill are not so well
11. Testosterone as Poison? 04:54
12. Throat Wound
13. Eucharist v. Leukemia

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