Arise of a Bleeding Rose



Collaborative work by two legends of the Italian industrial neo-folk scene.
Gerstein (a.k.a. Maurizio Pustianaz) and Gregorio Bardini knew each other in the mid '80s. At that time Gerstein was moving his first steps composing his piano experimental suites, while Gregorio was active as keyboard and flute player with Thelema first and with Kino Glaz then.
They missed their contact and during the last twenty years Maurizio experimented with musical styles and atmospheres and Gregorio studied flute with Severino Gazzelloni, became a trained blow instruments concert artist and collaborated with Tuxedo Moon, T.A.C. and many others.
Gregorio studied also Euro Asiatic and Indo European cultures/sounds and explored these themes producing different albums.
Maurizio delivered electronic sounds, piano, kettledrums and drum machine patterns have been used having in mind the Keith Emerson soundtrack to the «Inferno» movie as reference for the atmospheres he wanted to create.
Gregorio added flutes, ocarina and performed spoken word and singing, Maurizio gave his voice only to the main track «Arise Of A Bleeding Rose», a song/anthem for the whole album which is focused on the regain of the original self.
«Arise Of A Bleeding Rose» sounds like no other album of the genre and sees as guests Bleiburg and Paolo Longo Vaschetto.

1 Von Guten Machten
2 In Gedanken
3 Il Guardiano Della Mutilazione
4 Il Male
5 Trost Und Freude
6 Arise Of A Bleeding Rose
7 Il Gioco Delle Parti
8 Als Ich 13 Jahre Alt War...
9 Guten Inspirationen Kaum Gefolgt
10 The Dead Poet

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