CD Digipack (aatp19) - AUF ABWEGEN

Originally conceived for a 3-tape-box with MØHR interpretations this release contains the final unrekleased material by MAEROR TRI, the group that preceeded TROUM and 1000SCHOEN.
The MØHR basic tape was recorded at Gewalt am Objekt studio between 1986 and 1988, arranged in 1991 for Maeror Tri by Andreaz Vogel.
Digitally remastered in 2007.
Maeror Tri only used the basic sounds of MØHR's Hafenstadt for their 3 re-interpretations.
Everything recorded October 1991, September 1992 by Maeror Tri.
Four tracks of dark and brooding ambience and raw sound manipulation.

1 MØHR - Hafenstadt     28:32
2 Maeror Tri - Amnis     10:12
3 Maeror Tri - Tidal Waves Of Oblivion     8:44
4 Maeror Tri - Hypnotic Quakes     8:55

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