Cella Phantasma



"Cella Phantasma" an album consisting of previously unreleased material dating back to a time before the birth ofthe Blue Sector label.
The material on 'Cella Phantasma' originates from the very first I.corax sessions held in the surroundings of Oulu in 1999.
The album offers an archeo-astronomical account of the spectral phenomena found at that
particular time.
The sessions or states of 'Cella Phantasma' were heavily influenced by numerous mystical experiences that took place during various night-time wanderings and ritual retreats, which more than often included exceedingly vigorous and intimidating encounters with the
Visitors from beyond.
The primitive electro-acoustic manifestations arising from such experiences are brought forth in a characteristically eerie lo-fi atmosphere, composed using a minimal selection of instruments.
Includes three hand-finished photo prints, a textual insert and silkscreen
printed cardboard covers.

Tracklist :
Hunt 12:54
Kneeler 6:09
Naos 10:07
Nexion 7:09

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