My Sweet Nightmare



Igor Bardo is a Russian musician and sound artist.
He is best known as the mastermind of BARDOSENETICCUBE, which is one of the leading experimental/post-industrial groups from Russia.

My Sweet Nightmare is Igor Bardo’s debut solo album, containing about one hour of first class psychedelic electronic listening music.
The surrealist soundscapes will be instantly embraced by fans of Bardoseneticcube, yet the artist manages to conquer heaps of new ground at the same time.
Free from the burden of expectation related to the fame of his main band, My Sweet Nightmare has mr. Bardo take us on an adventurous journey deep down into the rabbit hole.
Themes such as religion, psychedelia, sleep paralysis etc. are explored with eerie atmospheres, bliss-inducing frequencies and cutting edge studio experiments.

01. 01022010
02. Dissolution
03. Expirience
04. In heaven
05. Mushrooms
06. Nightmare
07. Religion
08. The end of the end
09. The Gnostick Mass
10. The smoke
11. To long
12. Your best friend

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