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CD Digipak (CAN102) - EIBON

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Best Cold-Wave by this Italian dark / ambient / gothic band born in 1996.
"If you expect nothing from anybody, you'll never be disappointed".
CANAAN keep on expanding their sonic horizons.
"One small truth can ruin a thousand great lies. And if it kills me today, I am ready to die".

1 My Deserted Place 4:43
2 The Story Of A Simple Man 4:10
3 Words On Glass 4:37
4 Hint On The Cruelty Of Time 4:28
5 I Stand And Stare 4:08
6 Of Sickness And Rejection 4:12
7 The Dust Of Time 4:03
8 Adversaries 3:31
9 That Day 4:52
10 A Tried Sentry 4:25
11 Worms 4:15
12 Through Forging Lines 4:22

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