In Search of Something that doesn't Exist


CD Digipak (Aussaat 31) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 200 copies

Second full length CD album by the Helsinki based noise artist AUGMENTED ATROCITY.
The album follows a futile search that goes through beating electronics, haunting tape loops and frantic screams.
The sound squirms through the vines of the past with determination, focused purely on something that doesn't exist.
Limited edition of 200 copies - comes in 6 panels digipak

1.  Scratching Through Skin
2.  In Search Of Something
3.  Dog Without Teeth Can Only Bark
4.  Pile Of Decay
5.  Echoes Of Her High Heels
6.  Call Of th Void
7.  Entwined With The Vines Of Regression
8.  To An End
9.  Back To Where It All Started

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