Insanity & Treatment


3xCD Digibook (IF-15) - INFINITE FOG

After seven years of silence finally here comes a new release from this Swedish cult band !
Indeed, Jouni Havukainen never released his records too often, for over 20 years of existence, he didn't released singles, (except for the split 7” with Voice Of Hate) nor mini-CDs but has produced five full-length albums, each of which is an approachless peak in the history of dark Industrial music.

INSANITY & TREATMENT, is a collection of group’s live performances in a luxurious packaging, the best of them have been carefully selected and remastered personally by the author.
You'll find the legendary radio recording of "Mort Aux Vaches", the concerts in Madrid, France, Prague and in Moscow.

Special guests in the different gigs are :
Tomas Pettersson (ordo rosarius equilibrio), Peter Andersson (Raison d'Etre) and Lina (Deutsch Nepal).

CD 1:
§ Mort Aux Vaches
1. Truth Awakening [Awakening]
2. Clean Cathedral
3. Purgate My Stain [Pure]
4. Sacred Worms
5. To Mega Therion
6. Death, Just Only Death
7. Skin Sore Eyes
8. Burn My Rest

CD 2 :
§ Madrid
1. Intro/Truth Awakening
2. You Are The Dead
3. Still Tearing My Life Away
4. As My Shield
5. Ashes Of Angels
6. Blood Testural
7. Purgate My Stain
8. Sacred Worms
9. Clean Cathedral

CD 3 :
§ Moscow
1. Intro/Clean Cathedral
2. Still Just Only Death
3. Tearing My Life Away
4. 5th Skin
5. As My Shield
6. Never Closed My Eyes
7. You Are The Dead
8. Purgate My Stain
9. Blood Testural
10. Consume My Burning Hollow
11. Cut Me Here
12. Ashes Of Angels
13. Skin Sore Eyes
14. Sacred Worms

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