Infidel Gastronomy



The originator of harsh noise killing music is back with another album full of suonet tukkivaa high cholesterol risk harsh noisea not for the faint of heart!
What was conceived on "Grease District" (Freak Animal, 2018) and further fucked up on "Hussy Rescue" (OFR, 2019) has now become the ugly product of INBREED.
"Infidel Gastronomy" offers a 40min bacon feast.

1  Mixed Children 4:10
2  Snort Corn 3:47
3  Floating Teeth 6:19
4  Uncertain Rampage 9:37
5  Shanghai Goon 4:32
6  Chalk Hunt 2:22
7  Pooying Krai 6:52
8  Rikkipääporsas 2:45
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