Invisible Death


Music Cassette (narco102) - NARCOLEPSIA

Limited Edition 100 copies

After revisiting one of my favorite collaborations in the extensive Matching Head catalogue (Culver & Haare “Rusted Zombie Mist”, its 147th release) I had the idea to propose some sort of sequel to both artists, which they gladly accepted.
Being titans at their craft, with resolute aesthetical and ethical notions of what underground should be, this collaboration transpires a unique subtlety, a fusion of styles that comes up as cohesive and focused.
Absorbed in a spiral of psychedelic downfall, it echoes, resonates and drowns in a catatonic mass of soporiferous and ethereal blur, an “Invisible Death”.
* Manuel Pereira / Narcolepsia

Pink C-50 Cassette with black prints.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

A1 Invisible Death
A2 Celestial Epidemic
B1 Spores From Beyond The Stars
B2 Carved Hollow (Does Not Mean Cleansed)

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