Music Cassette (OEC 112) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 58 copies

LINEKRAFT is Masahiko Okubo aka Tetsuo Linekraft Okubo.
A leader of the Japanese new-generation of Industrial-Noise makers.
Masahiko is mainly recording his sounds by scraping and torturing metals, the result is a kind of intense PE Noise.
A Return to the origins of Industrial scraping noise.
A return to analogue Cassette format with a look to the future.

All tracks recorded between August and November 2016.
Limited edition of 58 numbered copies in A5 folding cover.
Co-released with "Soundscape 713".

Black C46 tape in A5 folding cover.
Handumbered edition of 58 copies
NB: only 20 copies available through OEC.

A1. Iwatsuki
A2. Katawa
A3. Ultima Thule
A4. Fill the Capacity

B1. Am 20000volt  (live at 20000V - Nov. 06 2016)
B2. Marginal Area Factory


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