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Yukiko Fukushima is a japanese artist, who experienced her talent in many ways such as photography, or music.
Her main musical inspiration comes from classical music, especialy Bach's piano works she's studying endlessly.
Yukiko's first musical creations consisted in piano improvisations.
Since 2008 she has been working on a more personnal projet called Zéro.
Her unarmed inspiration is an unique ambiant and colorful musical piece build around her classical influence and her oriental soul.
Zéro is an endless work, like its numerical symbol, a musical laboratory, an infinite experience.

1 Lune 月 4:10
2 Feu 火 8:39
3 Eau 水 7:12
4 Arbre 木 5:25
5 Or 金 4:18
6 Terre 土 9:24
7 Soleil 日 9:30
8 Vent 風 8:40
9 Nuage 雲 8:28
10 Neige 雪 7:42
11 Ciel 8:34

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