Now will you believe?


CD Digipack (SKD27) - STEINKLANG

Great NeoFolk album featuring (ex)members of CAWATANA, STURMAST and SCIVIAS!
"Now will you believe?" is a brilliant mix of classical guitar-based NeoFolk with electronic elements, varied and assembled with droning Ritual/Dark-Ambient tracks.
The mix of two completely different styles in music makes this album to a outstanding new "crossover".
Dark and sometimes frightening soundscapes with samples, trumpets and haunting drums are compiled with beautiful harps, piano, violin and narrating vocals, rounded by fine NeoClassical elements.

Tracklist :
1. Have my own way
2. If there were...
3. Respectus
4. Sacramental obligation
5. Delictum
6. Veneration
7. Drift

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