Load Your Guns


Music Cassette in Special Case (DP127-I) - DUNKELHEIT PRODUKTIONEN

Limited Edition 100 copies

• Noble heavy black case (139mmx 98mm)
• Noble black cassette with silver on-body print
• Exclusive Photo Card
• (Empty) Bullet
• Poster in A2 format
• Limited to 100 handnumbered copies

Chaos Cascade and RxAxPxE are an iconic duo which has already delivered various combined onslaughts, such as a split CD on Phosgen Records, a 7“ on Hate Mail Records and collaborations together with Will over Matter.
This newest attack „Load your Guns“ can be seen as yet another exercise in hatred that showcases the blackened Noise style both of these projects are known and feared for.
Thematically, this EP revolves around war and armed struggle, a theme which the sounds convey perfectly.

Chaos Cascade's contribution once again proves the immence progress the project has made.
The underlying oscillations are full but still harsh, the additional sounds have a ripping and free quality known from more brutal classic Power Electronics assaults.
Both the shrill feedback and commanding beats carry the gurgling vocals along the entirety of the track and the atmosphere is that of absolute scorn.

RxAxPxE's track comes creeping up to the listener like a true wave of pestilence.
Minimalism and droning frequencies form a monolith of dark PE that grows ever more tense and violent.
There is a constant trace of sharp but lingering feedback, reminiscent of the glorious old days of Post Mortem Power Electronics and the frantic vocal performance, which is a tad more dominant than in other recent recordings of RxAxPxE, tops the track off nicely.

All in all, „Load your Guns“ is another example in brutal might carried out by Chaos Cascade and RxAxPxE, which shows the strong sides of both artists that have always complemented each other perfectly.
Despite the high level of finesse, the overall feeling of this release is that of a blunt fist to the face – and you don't want it any other way!

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