Lunatic Asylum



Joke Lanz and Sudden Infant once again return in their razor-sharp trio setting whereby the absurdist nature that Joke’s work is already cut with is reconfigured in a gnarled and beefy punk-fucked contorted rock setting.
Short bursts of angular flex are heavily propelled by depth-charge rhythms, wry lyrical musings on modern living, and sensibilities hatched from years of experience in the worlds of sound art, abstract music, industrialised junk-noise and related areas have manifested in the perfect follow up to 2018’s 'Buddhist Nihilism' album on Harbinger Sound.
Aided by Christian Weber on bass and Alexandre Babel on drums, Joke lays on a battery of electronics, loops, field recordings and samples to complement mostly semi-spoken vocals that appear like they’ve been swept from the overflowing gutters of a shopping centre into a huge ball of malaise that can only be laughed at as world leaders look on perplexed.
Exactly as the title suggests, 'Lunatic Asylum' depicts a world in absolute disarray as the seams binding it together slowly fall apart to reveal jesters whose best attempts to glue everything back in place are built on bigger lies more transparent than ever.
Meanwhile, citizens of the developed world turn on each other for the stupidest of reasons or grow fatter with their descent into an ignorance nourished by half-baked cultural nuggets pre-packaged and sold as great and awe-inspiring work.
And everything has to be recorded, photographed and shared as brain cells are decimated by false ideals, propaganda, exaggerated lifestyles and a huge tub of popcorn swimming in indiscernible yellow gloop.
Such are the snapshots that resonate as 'Lunatic Asylum' takes some well-aimed swipes at the human condition of the 21st Century.

Featuring a fantastic guest appearance by Franz Treichler of "The Young Gods" on "Il y a des Enfants"

A1.  Good Morning! 1:06
A2.   Head 4:40
A3.   I Ghore Es Gloggli 2:30
A4.   Mood Swings 5:27
A5.   Damage Control 2:47
A6.   Happiness To Go 5:05
B1.   Pain Is A Pain 3:16
B2.   Il Y Des Enfants 4:17
B3.   The Lived Body 4:33
B4.   Ah-Ah-Ah 1921 2:35
B5.   Mika The Dog 3:20
B6.   Tuba Manifesto 4:47

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