Himmel Des Reichs / Der Himmel Über Berlin [Небо Рейха / Небо Над Берлином]


CD Digifile (KF - X) - KULT FRONT

This split CD is a remastered re-issue of one of the most energetic recording from Majdanek Waltz from the year 2004 with special additional tracks from their friends Sal Solaris.
The release continues the theme of a recent band’s single "Cranes" - the absurdity of the confrontation between two forces of brothers-soldiers.
Both poles could be clearly seen here, divided stylistically and ideologically - Majdanek Waltz martial / dark folk hymns expressing one side’s view, while Sal Solaris ambient-industrial tracks are the memories of their recent enemies.
This CD also includes Sal Solaris video "Der Himmel Über Berlin" created by Oleg Potiy (VJ Dornier Wal) using old archive materials.
The artwork contains rare photos from 1939 when future enemies were still allies.

1. Majdanek Waltz Демократия / Demokratie
2. Majdanek Waltz Небо Рейха / Himmel Des Reichs
3. Majdanek Waltz Мы / Wir
4. Majdanek Waltz Город / Die Stadt
5. Sal Solaris Небо Над Берлином / Der Himmel Über Berlin
6. Sal Solaris Трепет / Schauer
7. Sal Solaris Ожидание (В Опасности) / Erwartung (In Gefahr)
8. Sal Solaris Старт / Start
Video Sal Solaris Небо Над Берлином / Der Himmel Über Berlin

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