CD Digipack (acd 047 ) - AUTARKEIA

First full album by this industrial/ambient project.
The album is focused upon a variety of religious aspects.
Yet, they all are related to violence in religion and religion as an arcane or masked violator acting in informational reality.
This album reveals religion as a system marketed and propagated by invisible conspirators. The system marked by powerful structure, network and techniques.
What is really worst is that religion is choosing children as its main target.
The adults have been conditioned in their childhood so that they would sacrifice their children to the same system later.
Checkpoint is a filtration camp where the children's souls are met by elitist creatures of the arcane society wearing black mantles and hiding their faces.
They lie, they enslave, they manipulate and they involve you in the vicious circle with almost no hope of retreat.
Checkpoint is an abstract, universal and purified vision of Maldur Atai in which many will recognise their own very personal experiences and the symbols of the everyday secret war.

Tracklist :
1 Checkpoint
2 Enter Elite Society
3 Body Cargo Through Nightmare
4 Sniper Is Back
5 Secret Factories Priority Weapons
6 Resistance 1313
7 Whispering Trap
8 Propaganda Covers Total Isolation
9 Let's Play No Rules
10 Entrance Is Over - Universe Is Open

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