Excellent Manipulation of Distorted Tape Death - Part Two / Super Density Assemblage


CD Jewel Box (B! 102) - BLOODLUST!

In 1996, NG5361 (Aka Paolo Bertoni of Sigillum S) and Mark SOlotroff collaborated on a recording project entitled, "Excellent Manipulation of Distorted Tape Death,"
which was released on BloodLust! as a four cassette, six-hour box set (4 x C-90), limited to 50 numbered copies, housed in a large vinyl box.
The project utilized progressive analog tape generations and sound fidelity decay as both a direction for the concept that we worked under and for the sounds that was manipulated and ended up with.
In 2006, NG5361 revisited those recordings, in a more digital manner, and he came up with two new masters:

"The Edit"
- a disc of eight tracks, each drawn from one of the original cassette sides

"Super Density Assemblage"
- two self-explanatory, 28-minute-long tracks, built from multiple sections of the box set.

This is the second of these new masters to be released on CD.

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