The Matter of Britain



"The Matter Of Britain" comes from the will to express and to share the love that unites the musician Matt Howden to the poet Keith Howden (his father).
Through the use of poetry and illustration (Keith Howden), music (Matt Howden), graphics (Valeria Crociata & Michele Elia), and photography (John Arnison), "The Matter Of Britain" expresses personal visions of the English social history of art and mythology, consequently being an emotional, personal configuration of British culture.
Hardback and bound book.

1 The Matter Of Britain I (9:55)
2 The Matter Of Britain II (5:37)
3 The Matter Of Britain III (5:59)
4 The Matter Of Britain IV (2:12)
5 The Matter Of Britain V (2:37)
6 The Matter Of Britain VI (6:34)
7 The Matter Of Britain VII (4:20)
8 Demdike (2:50)
9 Chattox (3:00)
10 Demdike Sings The Moor's Season (3:00)
11 Witchwords (4:52)
12 Flying Ointment (2:26)
13 Fellchant For Two Voices (6:50)

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