CD Digipak (FA-CD-147) - FREAK ANIMAL

New KSNK album is totally unlike the former CD out on Freak Animal that collected materials of a couple of private tapes.
Fairly low profile artists has played numerous gigs and made tapes and compilation tracks, that always include surprises.
 “Murska”, is almost like a Finnish take on something what could be if Jeph Jerman and Vivenza would be thrown into blender.
Recordings of crusher machines and industrial production, as is, without overdubs or effects sound like multilayered noise orchestra.
One can’t file this as field recordings, nor it is “artist playing” noise instruments.
It is witnessing noise taking place and appreciation of the moment.

1.  Alatäry
2.  Oksan Tunelli
3.  Taittopää
4.  Esimurska Sammuttelu

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