Third Naevus album !
Comfortable and good listen.
Naevus doesn’t try to be too complex; instead, they are very much in control of their instruments and their sound.
Naevus does an excellent job keeping their instrumentation balanced, fading sounds and feelings in and out, throughout the entire album.
They do not take one path and wear it down; rather, they wander here, segue smoothly somewhere else, and then take you to the end in a friendly, respectful manner.
A very nice neo-pop'n'folk release with a grey, autumn touch !
Special guests : Karl Blake (Sol Invictus / Shock Headed Peters) & John Murphy ...

Tracklisting :
01 While You Sleep
02 Chairs Are Men
03 Visions Rushed
04 Like Arms
05 The Tide
06 Untold
07 Mistakes
08 Faint Paradise
09 Break No Breed
10 Food's Journey
11 For The Weak
12 A Lesson
13 Shown
14 Waste

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