We Are Meat / The Vultures


2xCD Digifile (SMR07) -

Between drone and power electronics, Neon Rain is carrying all the sufferings of working-class meat slaves on the first part of this release.
From defiance to resistance, through synth-pop to post-industrial martial anthems, the second part is dedicated to all the people around the world who lead our societies to more chaos and destruction.
A no man's land, the ultimate step to peace.

The album features lighter elements of synth-pop and an immensely dark presence , power-electronics, cold-wave vocals, noise with almost dancefloor-friendly touches and true noise ....
A very interesting release in the modern post-industrial scene !

CD1-01     We Are Meat     8:52
CD1-02     We Are Meat     15:07
CD1-03     We Are Meat     5:47
CD1-04     We Are Meat     4:48
CD1-05     We Are Meat     4:48
CD1-06     We Are Meat     6:14
CD1-07     We Are Meat     10:38

CD2-01     Not One Inch (Prelude)     6:31
CD2-02     We Are Apart     2:58
CD2-03     Not One Inch     7:05
CD2-04     By The Hands Of     6:26
CD2-05     We Are The Words     5:55
CD2-06     Face The Wall Hurt Our Fists    5:34
CD2-07     Erase    13:13
CD2-08     No Man's Land     8:25

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