Walpurgis Night at Luisen Kirche: Koenigsberg Live


CD Jewel Box (CDR 001) - COLLAPSAR

To all fans of Neo-Folk : pay your attention to this release !!!
Originally released in 2000 this was Neutral first full-length album which is out of print, now made available again with a brand new artwork on this new Chinese label !

After 8 years, Neutral's dark voice comes to our ears again.
Melancholy violin penetrates chilling nights ...
Freezing acoustic guitar whispers loneliness ...
Beauty comes along with desolation and sadness.

1 Playroom 5:21
2 ...To The Endless Play 6:19
3 Cold Iron 4:47
4 Diamonds In Your Hands 4:37
5 Ride On 4:19
6 Fest Noz 8:28
7 Russian Saga 13:04
8 Diamonds In Your Hands 5:02 Featuring - Romowe Rikoito

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