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CD in DVD sized Digipack (echo 057) - LICHTERKLANG

NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE (=”Nothing new under the sun”) is a Dutch Ambient/ Industrial outfit .
The Band has been formed in early 2008 after the demise of the Dutch Dark Metal Band Deinonychus.
Marco Kehren who was the founding member of Deinonychus decided to create something completely different from what he had done two decades long in the metal scene - to create a vast brand of Dark Ambient sounds combined with Industrial ingredients as well Martial sounding drums.
NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE has build a vast and existent concept dealing with the sheer terror of war and the consequence brought forth from it.
This debut album in it’s entirely is dedicated to all unfortunate, who never had the chance to live in freedom, living their ideal, or have lost their life in the name of intolerance and ignorance…

01. Nihil Novi Sub Sole
02. Die Angeklagten
03. To Enslave & Destroy
04. Avvenimento Traumatico
05. Stigma
06. Fellonia Con Sangue
07. Walking Over Mother Disease
08. Obedience To None
09. Paralyze
10. Victoria Victis
11. Idolatry
12. Totgeborener Lebensmut

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