CD Jewel-Box (Vand'Oeuvre ‎– 9305) - SEMANTIC

Vocal tracks from world traditions...

01) TUUSI (Nomad, from Malagasy songs)
02) CHARBOTE (Nomad, from Tuareg and Tulani music)
03) ALBA (Nomad, from Albanian songs)
04) SPONDO (trad. Russian, arr. Nomad)
05) ABOUKILIA (trad. Kurdish, arr. Nomad)
06) MANASIKO (trad. Iranian, arr. Nomad)
07) NINIVE (Luc Saint-James)
08) ALEWA (trad. Japanese. arr. Nomad)
09) MOKILIKILI (trad. Mongolian, arr. Nomad)
10) AQUILA (trad. Burundi, arr. Nomad)
11) FAFALALE (Nomad, from a Tibetan song)
12) BORE MARENDE (Nomad, from Ethiopian and Malagasy song, with a poem by Robert Desnos)
13) SOURATE (arr. Nomad from Orthodox sura and song)
14) BHAVANI (trad. Indian, arr. Nomad)
15) DJIN DJIN KOLOLO (Nomad, from Seychelles and Central Africa songs)

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