The Betrayal Of Light


CD Digipack (TM 373) - TUMULT


Nordvargr once again joins forces with fellow MZ.412 cohort Drakh, for another essential output.
Delicately balanced between dark ambience and grim blackness, 'The Betrayal Of Light' is one massive sonic event - a black cloud of sound.
Slow beautiful crawls, murky soundfields and a delicate web of softly plucked guitar strings are swallowed by massive mournful dirges and majestic, funereal doom.
An intense and overwhelming sonic journey, as heavy and brutal as it is delicate and beautiful.
Doomy and blackened, drifty and droney, soft and hazy, dense and devastating.
Captured in a stunning 6-panel digipak.

Tracklist :
1 The Betrayal Of Light 5:37
2 Enclosed Inclusion 7:48
3 Vessel 10:54
4 Ambiguous Anatomy 9:08
5 Reaction Infernale 4:40
6 Ende 8:00

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