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2xCD Digipack (OECD 046) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

On this beautiful 2xCD folding digipac release you get the most rare and raw tracks by FOLKSTORM on one CD, and a collecton of unreleased tracks from all of his other projects on the other.
Expect everything from harsh powernoise a´la HH9, darkest ambience from TOROIDH and pounding electronics from FOLKSTORM. This is a mandatory item for anyone into the dark genius from Sweden called Nordvargr...

CD 1: Folkstorm (Unreleased, remixed and demo material)

CD 2: The projects (Toroidh, Econocon, MZ. 412, HH9, Muskel, Incinerator International, LORV, Körperwelten, Nordvargr/Drakh, DIN)

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