Resignation 2


CD-R Jewel Box (205REC-895) - 205 RECORDINGS


  • III

Roughly one year after the mysterious debut release of Resignation ("1897") comes the second chapter, however this time under the Nordvargr banner.
The reason for this is that Mr Ekholm, who made up the other half of Resignation, decided to leave the project in order to pursue new opportunities.

Soundwise we have an album similar to the first album, but with a much more developed structure and added melancholy.
This is the sound of music left out in the Arctic cold for a century, only to be thawed and patched back to life by a master of his trade...
File under: aged rythmic ambient

Tracklist :
1. Intro / I put my faith in the lord
2. What was written will come to pass
3. Among the mountains and rivers flowing
4. Det var bättre förr
5. Praeparatus supervivet
6. Leedskalnin
7. Children of the masked emperor
8. Outro / II reprise

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