Omnis Anima Malus

ARMENIA (Macronympha)


"Omnis Anima Malus" is the blistering new album from Ecuadorian noise stalwart Armenia (aka Leo Sabatto MACRONYMPHA) recorded March-June 2020 at La Libertad, Guayaquil.
Nine tracks of splintered harsh textures, like sheets of tectonic noise plates grating over a rumbling bass magma.
Armenia has been embedded primarily in the Americanoise scene for many years and active on the international noise mail circuit since back in the '90s.

1.  Atahualpa Yupanki
2.  Blunt Force Trauma
3.  Monumento A La Estupidez - Venerandi Pietas Observantia
4.  Festering Wound
5.  Post Incision Traumatism - Deprived Of Eyelids
6.  Paraiso Truncado - Ruidosa Serenata De Imperceptibles Loops
7.  Spasmo
8.  Pedazo De Mierda
9.  New Slavery - Under De-Construction - Tissue Of Lies

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