Cabaret Syndrome



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Oniric is an italian duo project born in 2005.
Their first artistic meet brought quickly to the spontaneous and direct compositions of ethereal and dreaming inspiration, merging Carlo's sad chords and blurred dark sound with melodies and sonorous elucubrations from GianVigo: soon, the nostalgic and intimate vein, came out from the first works.
This first album by Oniric is a melodic research in a nostalgic dress, touched by a penetrating decadence veil.
Apocalyptic and futuristic retro atmospheres mix themselves up to open celestial gates, passing over them, vanishing in ether.
All carried on with folk reins along a forgotten time...
This release will surely fitt for fans of Spiritual Front, Argine, Rome, Calle della Morte...

1 Once Upon A Time In The Cabaret 2:55
2 Blessing 3:32
3 Un Gris Bord 3:35
4 The Echos Of The Sky 3:51
5 Leather Fire 5:18
6 Space Farewell 3:36
7 Ophelia's Portrait 2:41
8 L'autre 3:33
9 Last Temptation Rescue 3:25

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