Paradise Down South


CD Carton Sleeve (SOL184CD) - SOLEILMOON

Ostara return with their sixth album, Paradise Down South, a thirteen-gun salute to 2013 that explores the heart of darkness with a spirit of upbeat pes- simism.
Richard Leviathan has a long history in the neofolk and industrial scenes, having worked and performed with many of the leading names, including Death in June, NON, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Forseti, Foresta di Ferro and Knifeladder.
The album traverses themes both historic and universal, from the spiritual fallout of the Global Financial Crisis to the darkest corner of Hollywood.
Songs to uplift you to the depths!
Features a guest appearance by Douglas P. from Death in June.
Look upon this world of secrets. Look upon this work of demons.

1. Debt on Credit
2. Paradise Down South
3. Darkness Over Eden
4. Heart on the Rock
5. Garden of the Rain
6. Silent Symphony
7. Story of Lament
8. Vagrant Heart
9. Black Hole of Light
10. Wreath Made Hollow
11. Dark Romance
12. Lone Wolf Cry
13. Havamal

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