Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth



From the wild hedgerows and deep dark rivers of the Midlands, Leicestershire's Colossloth makes psychogeographic maladies and invocations to warm the heart of the discerning and intrepid psychonaut.
Phonic seeds planted in Blackened soil fertilised by visceral imagination.
A fugitive ambience for those seeking solace in the unexpected.
From supporting the likes of Tim Hecker and Wrangler, Colossloth's music alternates between the brooding and abrasive to the transcendental and enchanted.
With nods to a multitude of genres - from industrial and ethnic tribalism to caustic electronica, it's spirit can be found crucified in between the anode and cathode of occult circuitry, transmitting across modern England whispered messages from the lips of the old gods of Albion.
1. The Flavour Of The Weak
2. Your Flag Stands For Nothing
3. Cave In We Are Complete
4. Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth
5. The World Keeps Turning (On Me)
6. Of Talons And Teeth
7. Paint Her Face To Simulate The Bloom
8. The Nameless Saint
9. Black Deeds From Dead Seeds

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