Paganini's Last Testimony


CD Jewel Box (KCD 5021) - KOKESHIDISK

Australian musician, plays violin, long strings, myriad invented and adapted string instruments and samples.
"Paganini's Last Testimony" is a story of violins, sex belief, dissenseand cultural imperialism..
Expressed through the musical ambiguity of America in the 1980's and Europa in the 1880's.
Paganini was, perhaps, the first international "pop" star who knew how to use the media, how to play with the needs and desires of his public.

This album can be described as "Contemporary & Experimantal Jazz", an album produced in 1989.
Jon Rose might be known also for his collaborations with Rik Rue another well known Australian "Music-Concrete / Experimental" composer....

1 Paganini's Last Testimony  56:58
2 Violin Language  9:18

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