M.B. & SACHER PELZ (Maurizio Bianchi)

CD Digipak (4iB CD/1220/063) - 4iB

Limited Edition 200 copies

M. B. & SACHER-PELZ play treated elektronix, retreated noises and modulations.
Decomposed during late 2020 at Opera’s House.
Pentaperspective pictures by M. B. & SACHER-PELZ.
Pentathanks to Pharmakustik for his nebulous and dischord mixing.

Pententrances’ consists of 5 tracks that narrate the story of the different houses that Maurizio Bianchi had lived in from his birth (1955) until the present day (2020).
This album captures the memories and emotions of the person and artist, spread out over 65 years expressed through his signature ambient style.
This release features M. B. being the prerogative driver of the project, and his alter-ego Sacher-Pelz being that supportive role.

1. Entrance 01 (1955)
2. Entrance 02 (1960)
3. Entrance 03 (1966)
4. Entrance 04 (1984)
5. Entrance 05 (2000)

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