CD Digipack (MN04) - MARBRE NEGRE

First official CD album by this Barcelona project.
A collection of dark ambient, industrial, martial and lyrical sounds.
The main topic of the 19 songs on this album is the concept of the ruin along the times.
CD comes packed in ellegant digipak plus 24 pages full colour booklet.

1. Die Ruinen
2. Arquitetura do sonho
3. Zarathustra
4. Preussischer Stolz
5. Autòpsia
6. Ruïnes somniades
7. Wir müssen
8. A sang freda
9. Le chemin de l’Hermite
10. Soupirs d’hier
11. La font de sang
12. Eπιθυμίες
13. Die tiefe Mitternacht
14. A sea of dreams
15. Memòria
16. The wrong path to the victory
17. Nou desastre (Der Totale Krieg)
18. Dia d’hivern
19. Shi

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