Boyd Rice Presents Music for Pussycats

Various Artists


Limited Edition 250 copies

Boyd Rice entertrainment featuring cute 60es & 70es girl-pussycats-pop-songs a la Happy Days or 007...
Firts re-edition into vinyl.

We offer the special Bubblegum (Pink) edition limited to 250 copies.

A1 Debbie Lori - Kaye Iron Cross
A2 Diane Ray - Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard
A3 Bernadette Castro - Get Rid Of Him
A4 Bernadette Carroll - Party Girl
A5 Susan Rafey - The Big Hurt
A6 Priscilla Paris - My Window
A7 Dianne Leigh - Day After Lonely Day

A8 Priscilla Paris - Help Me
B1 Robbie Winston - Help Me
B2 Susan Rafey - Bring Back The Love You Gave Me
B3 Lori Burton - Love Was
B4 The Peanut Butter - Conspiracy Dark On You Now
B5 Bernadette Castro - A Girl In Love Forgives
B6 Donna Lynn - Navy Blue
B7 Diane Ray - Snow Man
B8 Robin Ward - Wonderful Summer

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