Music Cassette (QE003) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


An ancient ritual.
The voices of trees screaming in chorus, the insects pray around brambles, solitude is the gift of flower, bodies lose their form.

We are glass and smile in death.

 The second full length by QDOR.
A ritual in 6 phases.
Those are the sounds that accompany the QDOR adept in the fulfillment of the rite, created by glasses, voices of insects, organs, trees and human voices, strings...

Red tape with pro-printed surface which builds a unique art-work with the print on the red-transparent case.
a QENCHYTRAEUS BUCHHOLZI release in exlusive OLD EUROPA CAFE distribution.

01. I close my eyes to see
02. Wooden bodies rotate in nothingness
03. I am glass, I am empty
04. The stars are white worms
05. Small insects whisper
06. God is an immense insect


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