Recognition Journal



Six new pieces by the Welsh producer, writer and sonic overlord, three of which also include his oft-found collaborators Thighpaulsandra (well known as a COIL member..) and Gaz Williams (Underworld), amongst a selection of other guests and co-conspirators.
Like the two albums before it,
Sion Orgon crafts songs from all manner of different sounds and instrumentation mostly arriving from a more abstract or avant-garde extraction.
Not always easy to listen to, what makes his music stand out is its ability to surprise.
A ‘proper’ or even acutely accessible song can leap from labyrinthine textures, assume almost prog-like proportions and then dissolve into something far removed from the starting point.
Coupled to his amazing production work, whereby years of experience garnered from his working with many a Welsh group from many different circles has clearly paid dividends, it is clear that Sion Orgon takes the whole notion of working the studio as an instrument in itself up to a level way beyond most of his contemporaries.

1  The Black Spider Of The Garden    
2  Pools Of Tigers    
3  Erasing Deep Set Habits    
4  Locking Horns    
5  Recognition Journal    
6  Chain Spine Chine
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