Revealed by Composed Nature [2021]


CD Digipak (ZOHAR 230-2) - ZOHARUM

Limited Edition 400 copies

“Revealed By Composed Nature” was previously released in 1990 on Belgian Decade Collection.
That album consists of magnificent and gentle sounds with slight new age feel.
Beautiful harmonics seep through speakers and induce a sedative state.
Perfectly constructed tape loops peacefully float into infinity carrying us with them.
Tender electronics and treatments enrich created ambience giving us blurry yet amazingly soothing soundscape that you never want to end.
That sounds have medical quality and this album as a whole serves its purpose as aural therapy that we all needed for our disturbed minds in these crazy times....
Remastered for this re-edition by Dirk Serries, February 2021.
CD comes in 6 panel digipack.

1.  With Shattering Silence
2.  Out From The Garden Reminded
3.  Unfold Gradient
4.  Still Wandering
5.  Until The Glowering Space 1
6.  Forever Upon The Wave
7.  Until The Glowering Space 2
8.  By The Unknown Evening

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