Rotation U.S.A.


CD Slim Jewel-Box (ACT 91) - ANT-ZEN

This was a special-release for the noisex-tour 1999 in USA.
A special-present for the US-fans so to say, limited to 505 copies and officially only available in USA.
8 cool songs presenting Noisex at it's best.
After the intro "arrival" powerful, danceable tracks like "rotation usa" or "noisex hurts" await the listener, the bunch is completed by some more noisy tracks, for example "final solution" and the track "der tag wird kommen" (the day will come) with heavy distorted vocals
EBM in best German tradition.

1 Arrival 6:02
2 Rotation U.S.A 7:05
3 Noisex Hurts 5:24
4 Noisefist 2:11
5 Final Solution 3:38
6 Distorted Dream 5:43
7 Departure 3:13
8 Der Tag Wird Kommen... 4:23

This is rare!
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