SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND [Sutcliffe Jugend]

CD Digipak (Hagshadow ‎– 1-17) - HAGSHADOW

Experimental Industrial music legends of thirty five years SUTCLIFFE JUGEND come here with the introspective and intense "Shame".
The superbly produced album begins with the title track which builds on a heavy riff to an intense climax, as the passion and emotion reaches breaking point.
A new Shame is faced with each track, "Sledge" goads those who compromise their art for acceptance,
"Hurts" sucks you into a world of domestic hell while the brutal "Bait" is the closest SJ have ever come to a traditional rock song before the listener is drowned in thirteen minutes of "Blood".
Sutcliffe Jugend continue their personal journey without compromise, creating an album of purity, violent beauty and Shame.

Shame (13:03)
Sledge (6:20)
Hurts (7:22)
Bait (8:58)
Blood (13:43)

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