CD Digipack (28-14) - AQUARELLIST

Limited Edition 400 copies

Russian reissue of a long out of print album that was originally released in 1995 by Daft Records.
Usual great Arab-Tribal sounds in best Muslimgauze tradition.

1  Moslem Satellite Channel    
2  Gandhi Tentacle Song    
3  Your Arms, Our Opium    
4  Priyanka Tumdesh Chalao    
5  Memsahib Tea Emporium    
6  Qazi Hussain    
7  Qazi Hussain (Re-Prize-Al)    
8  Myth And Tyrants    
9  Dish Poison    
10  Azure Taboosh    
11  Sheesh Mahal    
12  Amber Lake    
13  Moslem Satellite Channel    
14  Kalka Male    
15  Memsahib Tea Emporium

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