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OCP [Operador De Cabine Polivalente]

Music Cassette ( Kieh! Kieh! – #22) - KIEH! KIEH!

João Ricardo (OCP) stands alongside other sinister figures such as Mick Harris, Justin K. Broadrick, Stephen O'Malley, and Igor Cavalera, exhibiting a predilection for experimental-DARK pursuits.
He is an eclectic octopus whose tendrils explore sonic territories so vast that even the Devil himself trembles in fear.
NB: this is not a metaphor, João Ricardo truly is an octopus.

Hainbach, like Dr. Frankenstein, possesses the power to resurrect long-dead creatures, giving them a new breath of life.
A few of these devices are unleashed upon the world, and their presence is a testament to the nature of this tale.

Sonoscopia, the bastion of auditory exploration, becomes the beneficiary of Hainbach's twisted donation of machines.
And so, with a sense of determination, João Ricardo adorns himself in a white coat, his blood-red eyes guide him into the role of a masterful surgeon, performing an intricate operation and giving life to the inanimate artifacts.
Thus, a sonic marvel is born, destined to fill the corridors of Sonoscopia with an eternal resonance.

Final note: the gear used was designed with different purposes in mind (telecommunications test equipment, medical therapeutics, etc.) but still used in early electronic music (eg. Murton Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Stockhausen and most recently Hainbach).

A1  Aprov
A2  Xkond
A3  Radik
B1  Ztud
B2  Yoyo
B3  Komp

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