Sound Implosion


CD Jewel-Box (CUT 05) - 999 CUTS

A re-issue of a classic limited cassette from 2007 (originally released by- Nil By Mouth Recordings).
This album was in a way 'reinvented' in this edition; the tracks were rearranged and remastered by the artist.
Album also includes 4 extra and excusive bonus tracks recorded in same recording-sections and  never released before.
Great Italian P/E by best Atrax Morgue friend and partner in crimes.

1   Intro
2   Holy Land In Flames
3   We Didn't Start The Fire
4   Oklahoma City
5   The World Is On Fire
6   Time Has Come
7   Whitelines
8   Everyone's A Killer
9   Vaterland
10   Keine Heimat
11   Remember The Time
12   Born To Be…

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