Soundtrack for the Aquarium


CD Digipak (ZOHAR 182-2) - ZOHARUM

The third album of the Dirk Serries' project, reissued here in a remastered form.
It is a kind of continuation of the informal series bringing back to life long-forgotten albums of this Belgian artist.
This is also a continuation of the releases created specifically for the needs of the Antwerp Zoo, the second after Hybryds' "Soundtrack for Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" CD.
The album features a total of 7 ambient compositions made between 1992-1993, mastered again by the musician himself in 2019.
The artwork is composed of the photographs by Martina Verhoeven.

All water and draining sounds recorded digitally on location in November 1992.
This remastered edition includes the original soundtrack created for continuous playback at the aquarium of the Antwerp Zoo in 1993.
Aquous Ambient Field recordings.

1 Aqua 1 (Theme) 6:53
2 Aqua 2a 19:19
3 Aqua 3 7:55
4 Aqua 4 10:44
5 Aqua 2b 14:19
6 Aqua 5 7:23
7 Aqua 6 (Theme) 2:30

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