Den Nalkande Stormen



Deep in the forests of Sweden we found a lumberjack (but he's ok...) and a Transylvanian songbird... together they become STORMFÅGEL.
The act itself may be new, but the main character in the band, mr lumberjack himself, Andreas Neidhardt has been lurking the neighborhood for a good 10-15 years in various less successful constellations.
This time he has manage to surpass himself and created something charming and different.
A mixture between folk, martial and neoclassical music!
Strange perhaps, but what about adding a very unique and personal female voice in Hungarian to all this?! Not heavenly, but hellish and folkish....
Their sound whispers of atmospheres from the past; romantic yet decadent, at times even with a bombastic touch, and if necessary, they may even be compared to the very early Blood Axis or The Moon Lay Hidden beneath a Cloud.

1 Anyám Édesanyám 4:39
2 Daydreaming 4:05
3 A Vicei Temetőbe 5:35
4 Pessimism 4:12
5 Man Will Always Be A Man 3:32
6 Holy Sleep 3:44
7 A Jó Lovas Katonának 4:02
8 A Poison Tree 4:08
9 Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszú Útra Megyek 4:14
10 These Woods Are Ancient 4:07

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