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CD Digipack (OECD 211) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


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Debut release by this new Italian project (side project by some "Siegfried" members)
Super post-industrial, really beating, martial and powerful sounds with a touch of pop....
The music is really powerful and very close to the name of the band:
"PRIMO CARNERA" (the Italian walking mountain) who used to be the Heavyweight Boxing World-Champion in the 1930's.
TIP! Stay tuned ....

§ Tracks that was already published on the net
1. Attaccheremo all’alba / Rivelazione
2. L’ora è giunta
3. A lume spento
4. Cortina di ferro
5. Strategia della Tensione
6. Ophelia
7. Elettromeccanica italica
8. Dichiarazione di Guerra

§ Bonus tracks:
9. I am flesh (featuring Porta Vittoria)
10. L’inverno del nostro scontento
11. For the death of Beauty
12. Narcissus Race (Remix from “Retro march Kiss” Deviate Damaen)

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20.06.2015 - Sentireascoltare

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06.10.2015 - Darkroom

Intervista a CARNERA
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